Custom Dinobots

This first figure is a repaint of Transformers movie Wreckage (2007). I don't usually care for the movie figures, but the design of this one reminded me of Dinobot from the Beast Wars Transformers, so I found a cheap used figure that I then repainted to be a Cybertronian (pre-beast) Dinobot.This is the original figure before my customizing. (Image found in Google images)

Repainted as the Maximal Transformer Dinobot.

Dinobot was completely repainted from top to bottom. All white vehicle sections were painted a dull brown as well as the red sections of his arms and hands. His ankles, hips, waist, and head were given a copper paint job and blue was filled in for the stomach, face, and other small detail areas. Basically, I simply repainted him to match the beast Dinobot character from the Transformers: Beast Wars tv series.

I left the white patch on the side of his chest to mimic the raptor eye that appeared on the beast version of the character.

Here is a side by side comparison of custom Vehicle Dinobot with custom Beast Dinobot. The two are surprisingly similar in visual detail. Strange since they are technically two different characters.

I tried to find a reference image from the show, but google images doesn't seem to have a single one... >:(  So here's a show-accurate drawing by Dan Khanna. Color by unknown.

This is the original figure before my customizing. (Image from
 Repainted as the Maximal Treansformer Dinobot. A simpler custom than the previous figure, I erased the tan stripes with paint thinner and re-painted new stripes with a light brown. Changed all the yellow sections to copper brown, and added the silver on the legs. I also filled in his claws (previously unpainted) and replaced the ugly purple with blue. So now he's a show-accurate figure.