Vinyl Big Daddy

This a partial re-sculpt and full repaint of Take Twi Interactive's  vinyl Big Daddy from the video game Bioshock. This was the Lootcrate edition.

The original figure has decent paint work, but lacks certain sculpted details and some colors are incorrect.

I sculpted on the arm and leg bands, added the edging on the torso and wrinkles on the upper arms, and some bolts on the top. The figure was then given a complete repaint with lots of drybrushing and other weathering techniques.

The drill had some blood painted on it which didn't look bad, but it was too dull and flat for my liking.

 I added a new layer of clear red on top of the already painted blood to give it a glossy look and some depth. I also sculpted a small dial gauge to add to the back pack, which was missing from the original figure.

 The heels of the boots where missing the metal covers so those were sculpted on. Here you can also see the added detail of the metal weathering.


This is the Bandai model kit R2-D2. It is fully posable and was completely hand-painted. I've added a ton of various washes and dry-brushing to bring out all the grimy wear and tear.


Pen and paper drawing. Black background added in Photoshop.


Digital illustration. This was completely drawn in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. A fitting tribute to Erik Bauersfeld who originally voiced Admiral Akbar and just passed away.

I also animated it in Adobe After Effects. All movable parts were drawn on separate layers in Photoshop so that they could be edited and moved in After Effects.


I haven't drawn in a while, so I decided to pick it up again. To start, I made some celebrity caricatures. Here's Ted Danson as he appeared on Cheers (Sam 'Mayday' Malone), and Jim Parsons as he appears on Big Bang Theory (Sheldon Cooper).

Custom Xenomorph

This is a custom ALIENS Xenomorph. I combined the top half of NECA's Warrior Alien figure, and the bottom half of NECA's Isolation Alien figure.

My original warrior had severely warped legs and all the usual fixes didn't work. So when the newer Isolation figure was released with the bird-jointed legs (the Warrior just has normal human-jointed legs) I snatched it up. Both figures use the same base body, so I just popped the ball jointed waist apart and swapped the pieces. The lower half was originally brown so I had to do a full repaint to match the blue torso. I also smoothed out a few seem lines in the head, and replaced the neck joint with a better one to improve mobility.

Here are the original figures. The brown Isolation and the blue Warrior.

Lego B-wing mod

Lego has made three different Minifigure-scale B-wings over the years, and they ALL suffer from one sided center wings. I've been trying to fix this for a few years and finally got one that works. Or at least it should... I've only designed and built it in Lego Digital Designer so far. So it hasn't yet been tested. But as soon as I get the pieces, I'll post the results.

The top half is basically the same as in set #75050, but the entire center wing and it's connection points are completely designed and built myself.

Here is a turnaround of the center wing.


Here is a commissioned drawing of Iron-Man I did for a co-worker...

Here is the outline.

And the final color.

Custom Harley Quinn

I'm not a big fan of most of the Harley Quinn designs going around so I decided to make my own. Here's my take on a more punk-styled Harely... think Harley Quinn meets Tank Girl (but with more clothes).

Here is the original figure. I used a DC Collectables "New 52" Harely.

And here's my custom. I hand-sculpted the pants and jacket with some Aves Fixit Sculpt and gave the figure a complete repaint. I still have to add her signature diamond pattern to the right thigh and I also plan on adding some tattoos made from custom printed water-slide decals (although I've never used water-slide decals before, so I'm going to practice a bit before attempting to add them to this custom).

Arkham Asylum Joker

This is the Joker figure from the Arkham Asylum video game. It's mostly just a repaint, although I did mod a few things and I scratch-built ALL of his weapons.

The gun was completely scratch-built from sheets of styrene. The flag on the end is removable. The teeth were sculpted in Sculpey clay, baked, and painted.

Here is the character model from the game.

The original figure is on the left, my cuctom is on the right. The figure was mostly kept the same colors, but I did add a dark wash to his suit to add shadows to the wrinkles. A dark brown wash was added to the yellow vest. The fingers on his right hand were heated and bent into a holding position, and both hands were painted white. His head was completely repainted and I altered the look of his makeup, making it look a little more sloppy.

And here is a closeup of the teeth.