Arkham Asylum Joker

This is the Joker figure from the Arkham Asylum video game. It's mostly just a repaint, although I did mod a few things and I scratch-built ALL of his weapons.

The gun was completely scratch-built from sheets of styrene. The flag on the end is removable. The teeth were sculpted in Sculpey clay, baked, and painted.

Here is the character model from the game.

The original figure is on the left, my cuctom is on the right. The figure was mostly kept the same colors, but I did add a dark wash to his suit to add shadows to the wrinkles. A dark brown wash was added to the yellow vest. The fingers on his right hand were heated and bent into a holding position, and both hands were painted white. His head was completely repainted and I altered the look of his makeup, making it look a little more sloppy.

And here is a closeup of the teeth.