Custom Soundwave

Another Custom figure. This is Cybertronian Soundwave from Hasbro's War for Cybertron line. This figure is based off the character design from the Transformers game War for Cybertron. Basically a complete repaint of the figure. I've also added a few blast/bullet marks on the top/front of the vehicle mode.

Here's the original figure in vehicle mode before my customizing. Photo from

Vehicle mode front view. All the blue sections were painted with a darker blue than what the plastic was and some splotchy dirt/grime marks were added. The silver sections were painted in black first and then dry-brushed with silver for a worn metal look. I also added a bit of copper for more detail. In this front view, you can easily see the blast marks that were added to the front of the vehicle mode with an Exacto knife.

I also painted a few of the purple sections with glow-in-the-dark paint made by a company called CoolGlow. They actually make different colored glow-in-the-dark paint so not everything has to glow green. :) On this figure, the paint is clear in daylight and purple when glowing in the dark. Unfortunately, this had to be painted over the Decepticon symbol on the screen, so that was replaced with a decal from

Front angle view.

Glow in the dark front angle.

Side view. I painted the purple on the tires, but due to how thick the glow paint needs to be in order to see it glowing I have not added any glow to them.

But the two stripes glow.

Back angle view.

Glow in the dark back angle. Here you can see the tail lights.

Original figure back view. Photo from

Back view. The grated sections were previously unpainted blue plastic, so I painted them silver for a more game accurate look.

Other side. Same details.

Top view. The silver grated section in the middle of the blue roof was added by myself for a more accurate look (previously unpainted blue plastic). You can also see the battle damage added to the top of the vehicle mode near the front.

Bottom view. Here some robot details can be seen such as the upper legs.

Original figure in robot mode before customization. Photo from
And finally, robot mode! Same paint detailing as mentioned above except for the silver side face vents and red stripes on his forearms. Those were added to give him more of an original G1 Transformers look. He is pictured here with both his shoulder mounted rocket launcher and hand gun.

So here's the glowing chest and knees.

Right side.

Back view. The damaged areas from the top of the vehicle mode are now on the back of the shoulders.

Left side.
Normal 360˚ view.

Glow in the dark 360˚ view.

Back to vehicle mode... Soundwave's chest cavity/hood opens to house his weapons. This is similar to his G1 form in which he transformed into a cassette player.

Now this isn't an official transformation, but I've seen it done by many different people. This is a third mode that somewhat resembles a cassette player. Since Soundwave transformed into a cassette player back in 1984, I'm glad that this figure is able to do this, even if he's not supposed to. 

And again, he still glows.

Here's a view of his back so you can see how he's able to stand in this mode. If you flip the front wheels back, they act as substitute legs.