Custom Warpath

This one is my custom Warpath from the Transformers Generations line by Hasbro. Once again, I've added all the weathering, dirt, and grime. The entire figure was given a wash of brown to enhance the shadows. The silver square sections on top of the rear treads were painted in to match the front (previously unpainted red plastic). Light brown dust/mud was dry-brushed above the treads along the bottom of the tank. Also, I added texture to the previously completely smooth figure by spraying it with Krylon Matte finish and then dabbing it with a toothbrush.

Here is a before image of the figure in tank mode. No dust, or grime and the surface is completely smooth. Image from

Here, you can see the mud splatter along the edges of the front section as well as the added surface texture. Oh, and I bought this figure in used condition so mine does not have the missile that can be seen in the reference images from

Right side. Notice the missile on top that is missing from my figure. I, personally, think the missile looks a bit awkward though, so I'm ok with not having it.

Right side view. Here's a better view of the mud splatter detail along the side of the tank.

Back side. The screws in the center of the back were visible on the original figure. Image from

Here you can see that I've partially covered up the screws with cut and painted styrene.

Left side. Image from

Here, you can see the same details that I described from the other sides.

Close up of the added texture detail. As I said before, this was achieved by spraying the entire figure with Krylon matte finish and then dabbing the surface with a toothbrush. I also painted the white star onto the figure by hand, just for some added detail.

The canon can be moved up and down and the top can be rotated a full 360˚.

Underside. The wheels on the bottom of the treads were previously red and the grated section near the front was also unpainted. Image from

Underside. I've painted the wheels on the underside of the treads silver to better blend in, as well as the grated section near the front. All silver sections were given the same wash of brown paint that the rest of the figure was given.

Top view.

Front view of partially transformed figure. I went as far as to detail the inside sections that are not seen unless the figure is opened or moved.

Front view of fully transformed figure. Again, there is no detailing and many of the silver sections are yet unpainted. Image from

Front view. Fully detailed with all the previously mentioned techniques. The silver squares on his fore arms were painted in to match the silver squares on his lower legs.

Close up of the face, which was also repainted.

Right side. Same details as mentioned before.

Back view. I mainly wanted to show this side because of the *ahem* screws in his butt. This has been fixed. Image from

Here, it's easy to see the brown wash that was added to his back as well as to the treads. Also, that styrene plate I added to cover the screws is now the back of his pelvis. I think the figure looks much better without two screws in his butt.

Left side.

I also painted the silver on the inside of his arms. Previously unpainted red plastic. As well as the silver interiors of his arms, even though they are rarely seen.

360˚ view.