Custom Megatron Update

So the Skullgrin figure that I used for Megatron's body DID transform into a tank, however, unlike Megatron, his canon tured into an axe instead of an arm-mounted canon. And Megatron just doesn't look right with an axe (in my opinion). So I went to work making a new weapon for Megatron.

Here are all the pieces I gathered for making the canon. Blue pen, two plastic caps, a small plastic dowel cut from a model kit sprue (frame), beads, and another blue plastic scrap piece. I wasn't going to go through the hassel of finding and purchasing another figure with an already made canon weapon and I don't really have any other figure weapons that would work. So, for this guy, I made it from scratch.  

Here, I've lined the pieces up so I could see how they would work together. Makes a pretty decent looking canon already.  :)

So, first what I did was cut the pen to size. Then I glued the end of it into the clear plastic cap. I also glued the small blue plastic cap inside the front of the clear plastic cap, just to give the barrel some added detail.

Now I forgot to take photos before painting, but here's the finished canon. What I did was sculpt the body of the gun over the pen tube with Aves Fixit Sculpt. Since I wanted it to be boxy, I sculpted the general shape and then waited for it to dry. Once dry, I sanded it and shaped the edges with an exacto. The bead and plastic back piece were pressed into the Fixit Sculpt before it dried, so those had an indent to be glued into. After all that, just a simple paint job to finish it off.

The dowel from the model kit sprue was cut down and added to the side. That's where the canon attaches to the figure's arm. The rectangular piece on top is a cut section of the pen clip.

The small plastic cap makes for some nice detail inside the gun barrel. I painted it's edges silver and it's interior flat black.

Bottom. Not much detail is needed here.

OK, so the side of his arm has three wheels on it. In between the wheels in the front is a screw. Towards the back, is a hole. The perfect spot to attach the canon!
And it fits perfectly!

Right side view.

Back side view.

Left side view.

Action pose!

360˚ view.