Classics Optimus Prime Update

Since I had decided to make this Optimus figure as similar as possible to his TV Generation 1 styling, I went on the search for a better weapon. I had heard of some 3rd party products, and after a bit of searching through various Transformer sites, found one by 3rd party company Dr. Wu. This gun is styled after the G1 "ion blaster" that Optimus Prime had in the TV show, and even better, it's diecast (cast in metal)!

Here's the G1 ion blaster by Dr. Wu. Diecast in solid metal and factory painted gloss black. I decided to add a silver wash to bring out all the panel line details... just to push it a bit further.

And it's a perfect size and fit for Classics Optimus Prime. Now he looks complete with his new G1 inspired paint job and ion blaster.

 Action pose 1.
Action pose 2.