Custom Lego Ellors Madak & Baniss Keeg

Another bit of a sneak peak at the Lego Star Wars cantina I'm working on. Not only am I building the entire cantina based on the movie, but I'm also working on filling it with, maybe not all, but many, of the aliens and other bar customers from that scene. Here's two of them that I created.

Ellors Madak & Baniss Keeg

First, we'll take a closer look at Ellors Madak

Here's the hasbro figure. The movie never had a full body view of the character, so I used the toy as a reference.

I started off with the "Classic Alien" from Lego's series 6 of individual mini figures. I mainly just wanted the head because it wasn't the standard head sculpt and had the perfect bug eyes.

I then repainted the head blue with red eyes. However, after painting, I didn't think it was quite accurate enough, so I went back and sculpted eye brows and a larger top of the head with Aves Fixit Sculpt.

Side view to show the difference in head shape.

I then went back and painted it again. I liked the white dot reflections in the "Classic Alien's" eyes, so I painted those onto the new custom head as well. 

The body is from an AT-ST pilot figure.

Next up is Baniss Keeg.

Again, I used the Hasbro toy for a full body reference.

Same deal as before. Resculpted the head and then repainted.

The body on this one, I believe, is from a Qui Gon Ginn mini figure.