TMNT Comic styled Splinter

So I'm a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and after seeing the new (and very articulated and detailed) figures from the new Nickelodeon show, I thought they'd make great comic styled figures. So, first off is Master Splinter. The figure had a very poor paint job which didn't match the TV show at all, but that was ok because I repainted the entire thing.

Still in the box.

Original figure after taking him out of the package.

After looking at him, I realized that his robe could be removed, which would make painting a whole lot easier. And after doing so, I realized that his body is completely sculpted with full details.

Right side view.

Back side view.

Left side view.

He also has a rotating waist, which I'm guessing most people who have purchased this figure don't even know about because it's normally covered by his robe.

Fully repainted the entire figure. I switched his panda-esque look for a simple brown (including the now brown body and legs) and then gave him a black wash to bring out all the fur detail. His toes were also painted to match the flesh tone of his fingers and tail. I also outlined everything in black to give him that comic book look.

And now his robe. I painted the collar and belt a dark maroon to make them stand out from the rest and changed the buckle to a worn silver. Then it was outlined in black. I also went back and drybrushed some light brown along the bottom edge to make it look as if it had been dragging through the dirt (or through a sewer).

Here, you can see the the left side has two holes along the seem. There are also two pegs on the right to connect the two sides together. It's pretty easy to peel apart if you want ot remove it. It will need to be super glued back together later though, because the pegs aren't strong enough to hold it in place by themselves.

So, once again, here's the original figure with the robe.

The figure did come with a walking stick accessory...

However, it's way too short to actually support him. And with the figure's right foot sculpted in a back position, he needs the support in order to stand.

Since the walking stick the figure came with is much too short, I decided to replace it. This is the new Donatello bo staff. Again, much too short for the figure it came with, but a decent length for Splinter here. 

A perfect fit. So here is the fully repainted figure with the robe and new walking stick.

Now, just for a close up, here's the original figure's paint scheme for the face. Doesn't match his TV appearance and quite frankly, doesn't  make him look much like a rat... maybe more of a panda? Oh, and I also used some Aves Fixit Sculpt to resculpt his lower jaw. The original sculpt had the figure growling, so I sculpted over that and gave him a closed mouth. 

So yeah, all that growling panda stuff was completely covered up. I also gave him completely white eyes, which I thought better matched his original comic appearance.