Custom Lego Star Wars Cantina

Since I have almost all Lego Star Wars ships (at least all the smaller ones that I can currently afford) I thought it was time to build a location. After looking over the various locations in the movies, I figured the easiest one to complete would be the Mos Eisley cantina. It's not a HUGE set like cloud city or many of the others, so I would be able to build the entire thing to scale with the Lego minifigures.

And here it is...

Here's an overview of the entire cantina. 

Now, the cantina seems to have a few different designs. This is probably due to the fact that you really only see the inside of it in the film, with the exception of Luke walking to the front entrance. But this is the design that I most closely followed. I did, however, change the front entrance to be facing the left instead of going straight back. Based on what I could see in the movie, a side front entrance seemed more accurate.

Entrance view on the inside. I tried to add as many different aliens from the movie as I could. Though Lego hasn't made every alien species found in the cantina so I had to make a few from various parts. The Lego Explorien on the left is a bit of filler. haha

Wuher the bartender at the drink dispenser. Wuher is a custom made minifigure. He is made from an early Luke Skywalker (in Tatooine attire) body, brown legs, what I believe is an Indiana Jones head, and a scruffy hair piece.

And of course, we have the famous Han Solo vs. Greedo scene.

Here are the custom minifigures I made of Ellors Madak and Baniss Keeg.

Front entrance reference pic.

The front entrance. You can see I matched the light pipe on the side of the arch, the angled seating in the back, and the hanging tech on the ceiling... I even made the droid detector on the wall on the left (needs some decals).

The center bar.

This is a minifigure I created of Lak Sivrak. This wolfman character is only in the theatrical release of the movie. He was taken out of the special edition and all current versions of the film. The minifigure's body, I think, is from a Qui Gon Jinn, and the wolf head and hands are from the Lego Monster Fighters set.

Bartender's quarters. This room was never shown in the film and so it has no official design. I decided to make it a living quarters with a work desk for going through bills and documenting sales. There's a bed and dresser on one end, with a bed light on the edge of the dresser, and a work desk across the room with an iPad type thing on top.

Bartender's quarters. Instead of trying to fashion a swinging door, which would block the entire hallway when open, I decided to hang a piece of fabric. In this case, it's a cape on a mounted lance.

Bartender's quarters. Since the door is simply a piece of hanging fabric, it can be pushed along the lance to the side of the doorway.

I also made the cantina with pivoting and disconnecting floor panels. Here is the separated front entrance. The pieces connect via a series of pins and clamps.