Slave 1

It's been a while, but I'm back. This time it's only a few smaller mods and not a full custom. So here is my Lego Slave 1. This is Boba Fett's ship from Star Wars.

Photoshop composite.

Here's a side view comparison. The ship on the left is the original, the ship on the right is my custom. Not much different, but enough. I replaced the translucent canopy with a dark translucent canopy. To me, the darker one just looks better. The wings are built the same, but I used tan pieces instead of grey since, in the movie, they are a tan color. I also, changed part of the side-paneling near the lower front guns because I bought this as a used set and it was missing a few pieces.

Right side view.

Front/bottom view.

Left side view.

Back/top view.

Here's the front of the ship. The only real visible change here is the tan wings and the dark canopy.

A close up of the wings. I changed the curved plate piece from light grey to tan and the back hinged fins from dark grey to tan. Oh, and I also added new posts to the wing arm (the light grey bar that attaches the tan wing to the ship). The original set had smooth bars on either side, but based on reference photos I found, the wings are supposed to be attached by ringed bars. So I switched the smooth bars with these that have ring details on them.

Here's a close up of the modded side-paneling. The dark grey panel with the black stripes on it was originally just a smooth panel like the one next to it. However, since I bought this as a used set, it was missing two of those smooth panels. So I replaced those with a textured piece and the two knobs on top. Matches the general shape of the missing piece, but adds a bit more detail.

And of course those side panels open to reveal a storage space. Originally, this was a secret missile bay, but the missiles could barely be moved into any useful position, so I took them out and added a tan dividing wall so it wouldn't just be a hollow space.

And here's the back of the ship with a comparison. The first one is a scale model of the ship from the movie. This was used as a reference. The middle ship is the original set. It has most of the main details, but is missing a few smaller ones. The last ship is my custom. I added a lot more small details such as the few flat panels to flesh out the flat areas, the light grey solid dish piece behind the dark grey grated piece on top, and I switched the lower three "boosters" to two by simply changing the color of the middle piece (there's only supposed to be two anyways).

Close up of the back.

I also modded Boba Fett himself (as I posted earlier here). But here it is again. The figure on the left is the original 1999 Boba Fett figure, the one on the right is the new Lego release with a few jetpack mods.

The first figure is the original 1999 Boba Fett figure. The one in the middle is Lego's updated figure. And the last is my modded version.

Here's a reference photo from Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary. You can see that the thrusters are on the sides (like the old Lego jetpack) and not on the bottom (like the new Lego jetpack). Also, the missile is much larger than on the new Lego sculpt.

Front view.

Right side view.

Back angle right.

Back view. So this jetpack is actually the original 1999 Lego sculpt. I cut it off of an extra helmet I had (because the original Boba Fett helmet was attached to the jetpack), filled the hollow interior with modeling putty, glued a Lego connector piece to the inside, and then painted it. So now Boba Fett has a screen-accurate jetpack AND he can still turn his head because it's not attached to his helmet.

Back angle left.

Left side view.

Photoshop composite.