Lego TIE Fighter

OK, so Lego has released a few different models of the TIE fighter. The base model for this custom is the second release from 2005. However, I've made quite a few mods to make it the perfect combination of screen accuracy and classic Lego blockiness. The main difference in this custom versus the original 2005 release is the color. I replaced all blue bricks with light grey ones.

Front view. The big difference to the main body is the wing arms. I extended them by one peg and added the sloped pieces on the top and bottom of the arms.

Angled view.

I also added a few 1x1 slopes to the center body to help push the circular shape that the body of the ship has.

The back side was also given a few 1x1 slopes.

Back angle.

Back view.

Here's only the center body of the ship. A much rounder look thanks to the various slopes I added.

Here's the outside of the wing. Basically the same as the original set, but with grey pieces instead of blue. Oh, and I replaced the top and bottom light grey lines with smooth tiles instead of the regular pegged pieces.

The inside of the wing. The original set had nothing on the inside of the wings. So I added all the light grey pieces that match up with the outside. So now the wings have the crossing lines on both sides like they're supposed to.

Action scene!