Custom Lego Escape Pod

Custom Lego Escape Pod. Based loosely on Lego's 2001 set, but very heavily modded.

Basically, the only part I didn't change was the center four curved pieces. However, the original set only had two printed sides. I got two more, so now the printing goes all the way around.

Now, I know Lego released an updated version of the pod, but I like their original design better. Plus printed pieces instead of stickers is definitely a bonus.

I completely redesigned the top. Some "behind the scenes" photos show three boosters on the top, but from what I could see in the movie (and from the original movie model itself) the escape pod only had two boosters on top. So that's what I went with.

I also completely redesigned the bottom. The original model only had one single booster piece on the bottom, so that was changed to four smaller ones, along with the three tiny boosters around the edge.

Another angle of the bottom.

Although there are no hinged doors, I did add three seats inside for minifigures. The open space on the side is for R2-D2 who can't sit in a chair.

And here's a Photoshopped remake of the droid's escape from the Imperials to the planet of Tatooine.

That small Tantive IV (Blockade Runner) in the background is a mini model I designed that is actually to-scale with the Star Destroyer.