Natasha Ornament

This is a hand-sculpted ornament that I made for my brother's girlfriend. She is quite a great illustrator, so I decided to turn one of her drawings into a 3d sculpture for her.

Here is her original drawing.

The sculpture was made from Super Sculpey and the metal hook at the top is actually a cut piece of paper clip.

The legs were made separately and so had to be attached after baking the clay. I then used some modeling putty to seal all the seam lines.

Then it was painted in acrylics and finished with a gloss coat. I tried matching EVERY hatch line in the drawing to make this as accurate as possible.

Since this sculpture is based on a flat drawing, all back details were my own guess as to what the back of the drawing would look like.

I also signed the piece under the coat flap on the bottom.

Here's a side by side comparison.

You can visit her site here...