Spock bobblehead

So I recently found out that my mom is a big Spock fan. So for Mother's Day and her birthday this year, I made her a Spock bobblehead.

This was sculpted from scratch in Sculpey clay, hand-painted, and finally glued together.

Here is the sculpted head before painting. Front view.

 Side view.

The left arm was sculpted separately so that I could paint the inside of the hand without running into the body.

Even though it's against the side of his body, the hand has full sculpted detail on both sides.

And the body.

Here is the body, fully painted. I painted the base colors of each section and then went back over with a wash of a darker tone to "outline" the details.

The Star Fleet insignia base was drawn on a thick sheet of styrene and then cut out and painted. I drilled two holes to insert nails for the feet to peg onto. The metallic gold is a layer of enamel gold with a thin layer of Tamiya clear yellow on top.

I thickened the bottom to cover the nail heads with Aves Fixit Sculpt. Then that was painted black and my name and date was written in white paint with a toothpick.

And here is the final figure. After painting, I gave the figure a satin clear coat to give it that professional shiny look.

The spring in his neck was also hand-made.

360˙ turn around.