Custom Starscream

This is Starscream from Hasbro's Generations line. General weathering was applied to the entire figure. The only real full color changes I made are the silver wheels and the silver nosecone.

Vehicle Mode

Front angle view.

Original figure. Photo from

Front view. You can easily see the changed nosecone. I like the silver tip better. I think it helps to make it look as if it's made out of multiple pieces.

Right side view.

Back view. I gave the thrusters a light silver drybrushing to give them a bit of a worn/used look.

Left side view.

Top view. Here you can see the wash of light grey that I added to the figure which helps to darken the panel lines.

Underside. Both sets of wheels (front and back) have been painted silver. Everything else has just been given a light wash. I used light grey on the white areas, dark brown on the red areas, and black on the blue areas.

Robot Mode

Original figure. Photo from

Front view. You can see the figure looks quite a bit more detailed with the paint wash, which lets the color settle into the crevices creating the illusion of dirt and shadow. The silver circles on his chest are the front wheels, folded in. The missile launchers detach from his wings and can either be held, or attached to his shoulders.

A close up of his face and torso.

Right side view.

Back view. Photo from

Back view. Compared to the last image, the figure now has much more visible detail.

Left side view.

360˚ view.

Bit of an action pose. Starscream aims his gun at a fallen enemy...