Vehicle Mode
Right side view. Applied Mr. Hobby "Charcoal Black Weathering Pastel" to the entire figure. I then sprayed the figure with Krylon Matte Finish to protect the first pastel layer before applying more. This was followed by a selective dusting of Mr. Hobby "Rust Orange Weathering Pastel" to simulate rusting around the wheel wells and other areas where there would be a collection of moisture. Also, the hub caps were painted copper (previously unpainted).

 Front view.

Left side view. I painted the silver and copper detailing behind the front tires (previously unpainted green plastic). The tires where given a wash of light brown Acrylic and then wiped down, a.k.a. the "paint wipe" technique (also known as a "wash"). This removes the paint on the raised areas and (in this case) helps to simulate dust and mud that has settled into the crevasses of the tire. This paint wipe technique was also applied to all the black areas with a light gray. This can be easily seen on the back of the robot legs.

 Back view.

I also filled in the license plate. The letters/numbers are rub-on transfers. I chose C-13 because that is the code number for the Japanese release of the figure.

The console controls were completely unpainted so I simply added some white to select areas. The rectangular screen at the bottom (right of the steering wheel) is a cut piece of chrome tape. 

 Top view.


Robot Mode
Front view. Not much to describe about this one. It has all the same detailing in robot mode as it does in vehicle mode.

Right side view.

 Back view.

Left side view.

The inside of the feet were previously hollow. I filled those in with Aves Fixit Sculpt, let it dry, sanded it smooth, and then painted it to match.

The figure's silver robot face was painted white to match his upper legs (more of a personal preference).

Action pose!

His gun can also be shoulder mounted just like in the original cartoon. :)