The perfect Catwoman

So I have an issue with most depictions of Catwoman (as well as many other heroines). I mean, why, OH WHY, do they all need high heels? Can people NOT tell that they're women unless they're wearing them? If Catwoman is supposed to be running around from rooftop to rooftop, how in the world is she supposed to do that effectively in high heels? Bleh.

So anyways... here's a Photoshopped image of what I think Catwoman should look like. This image is based on The Dark Knight Rises with Anne Hathaway.

Original Dark Knight Rises costume.

As you can see, I eliminated her high heeled boots, and replaced them with flat soled ones (with much more style this time, thanks to the buckles). I also changed her hair, because I figure that a lady doing so many acrobatic-like moves wouldn't want long hair constantly whipping her in the face. Short pigtails, I thought, would be much more practical (and still hint at her being a lady). I got rid of the cat ears mainly because I think they look stupid, but also because I figured that the pigtails could replace them... sort of. Another thing is the goggles, I've always liked the goggle look better than the mask, so there you go. Plus, this way she can have night vision (ya know, like a cat).