WFC Megatron

It's War For Cybertron MEGATRON!!! This figure is fashioned after Megatron from the Transformers: War for Cybertron game. I didn't swap any pieces, but the figure was given a complete repaint. As with the other Transformers figures I've done, I wanted to bring this character to life by adding as much grime, dirt, and detail as possible.

Vehicle mode

Fist off, here's a reference image for you via some concept art from the game.

Original figure. Angled top view. Photo from

Angled top view. The entire figure was given a wash of various browns and rust areas were drybrushed on with a dark brown/orange mix. I also did a light brown wash in the treads to simulate dirt that has collected.

Original figure. Front/top view.  Photo from

Front view.

Right side view. Right side view. Here, I painted in the gears in the sides of his treads (copper and silver).

Back view. Simple detailing. Here you can see the two purple "lights" added to the back of the cannon.

Original figure. Left side view. Photo from

Left view. Same details as the right side.

Underbelly. Basically just dirt and scratches created by drybrushing as well as some collected dirt/mud created with a wash of brown.

Top view. The dark grey triangular markings on either side of the cannon were previously red, but after looking at some reference images from the game, I decided to change them to grey for a more accurate appearance. I also added the Decepticon decal on the left side.

Top view with the cannon removed.

Robot mode

Again, a reference image for you via concept art from the game.

Original figure. Front view. Photo from

Front view. The figure's entire body was given an overhaul of drybrushing and other paint effects to simulate the large amount of wear and tear. His right lower arm was repainted light grey to better match the in-game look of the character. I also added some bullet holes/ damage to the upper arms with an exacto knife. While spraying the figure with Krylon matte finish to seal the paint, I accidentally smeared the Decepticon symbol on his chest, so I just painted over that area and later added a new one with a decal from

I also painted all purple sections with glow in the dark paint from It appears clear in daylight, but glows purple in darkness.

Right side view.

Glowing right side view.

Original figure. Back View. Photo from

Back view. More detailing can be seen here. I added all the purple on his back, as the original figure had no painted details here at all, what-so-ever.

Glowing back view.

Original figure. Left side view. Photo from

Left side view.

Glowing left side view.

Original figure. Close up of face. Photo from

Close up of the face.

Action pose.

360˚ view.

Glowing 360˚ view.