Updated models

Finally and officially done with the last few models I previously posted. All three (Megatron, Soundwave, and Bumble Bee) got their respective insignia label added on thanks to www. reprolabels.com.


I had accidentally smeared the one that was originally painted on his chest, so I had to replace it. I added some dirt/dust paint effects on top of the decal to help blend it in better.

I also put a layer of that glow in the dark paint over the insignia so that it would... well, glow in the dark.


Having painted over the original symbol, this one was also a replacement. I painted some dirt effects over the decal and then covered it in the same glow paint that covers the rest of the chest.

Bumble Bee
For this guy, I simply didn't like the insignia that he originally had. So I replaced it with a decal. I painted a tiny bit of brown dirt/dust on top to help blend it in.