OK, so here's yet another custom figure. I apologize for the massive number of them, but I just like doing it. So enjoy!

This one is Arcee (pretty much the only female Transformer from the original series). The design is from the new Transformers: Prime tv series. However, I don't really care for the other figures from the tv line so I just got this one to add to my other Generation One based figures.

Also, the photos I took of the figure before painting turned out to be pretty poor quality, so I've replaced them with photos from a gallery on Used with permission.

Vehicle mode.

Unpainted vehicle (motorcycle) mode. Photo from

Not a full repaint this time as I decided I liked the blue of the plastic. So for this figure I just added some much needed details... like the pink stripes (opposed to silver), the silver on the sides of the wheels, brown dirt effect on the wheels (as if there was dried mud), black extended back of the seat. and black and silver on the tail pipes.

Front view of unpainted figure. Photo from

Front view of painted figure. Here, you can see the added brown dirt effect on the wheel, the silver on the sides of the wheel, the pink stripe on the wheel cover, the black side view mirrors, and, though it may be hard to tell, repainted blue trim on the front window.

Unpainted figure. Photo from

Left side view of painted vehicle mode. It has the same added details listed from the right side. And... just a side note, but I very much like the fact that they added an actual folding kickstand on the side.

Back view. I unfortunately have no comparison image, but mainly what was added here was the dirt effect on the tire, and the silver and black to the tail pipes.

Here you can see the added silver on the side view mirrors. I also added some blue and silver to the instrument cluster.

And finally ROBOT MODE!!!

Here is the unpainted front view. Photo from

Front view of painted figure. All silver striping was repainted a metallic pink (this was created by mixing acrylic silver and red together). The shins and knees were given a dry brushing of dark browns to simulate scrapes, dirt, and mud. I also added a Reprolabels Autobot symbol at her neck since she didn't have one showing anywhere else.

Left side of unpainted figure. Photo from

Left side of painted figure. A better look at the added pink striping. As well as the blue on the hand cover (a mix of silver and blue acrylic). The back wheel of the motorcycle splits in two halves and fits into the back of her legs, and was unpainted black, so I added the silver in the center. Oh, and here, you can also get a better look at the dirt detailing around her ankles.

Back view of unpainted figure. Photo from

Back view of painted figure. Same detailing described in the other images (pink stripes, wheel dirt, etc.)

 Right side of unpainted figure. Photo from

Right side of painted figure. All the same detailing as mentioned before.

And a close up of the face.

The painted face with pink trim and an added Autobot symbol decal from

360˚ view.

Now, the figure came with two weapons. This is one... an arm blade. Arcee has two in the tv show, but the figure only came with one. It was previously a solid silver, except for the black handle at the top. I added a bit of grime by dabbing some silver/black mix over it as well as giving it a paint wash to fill the detail crevasses with color.

And here, Arcee is posed to strike with the arm blade attached.

The other weapon Arcee came with is a gun. It is WAY too big for her, however, so I decided to repaint it for another figure (previously all black plastic).

Here, the gun is now attached to Warpath's arm (see Warpath here: Warpath ). I painted the back end of the gun red to match the figure's color and make it look as though it simply continues out from his arm.

A bit of a close up to better show the detail.

Being that the gun is so long, it's hard to get any good angle photos. Here's one to show the tip of the gun painted in orange highlights.

Since the gun didn't work well for Arcee, I decided to get some replacements. Found these on The guns were designed by ChaosIncarnate. I had them 3D printed in the "Black Strong & Flexible" material and they were then sanded and hand painted in acrylics.

Arcee is ready for battle.