Custom BTS Classics Optimus Trailer

OK, so I had finally gotten a Classics Optimus Prime figure, but something was missing... Then, I found a trailer made by 3rd party company BTS Toys. Unfortunately, being that it's a 3rd party product, the price range is extremely high ($85). So to Ebay I went. Found the same trailer but in Nemesis Prime's colors for $35! So after receiving it, I went to work switching it's color scheme back to the classic Optimus Prime colors (silver, blue, and yellow).

Here's the BTS trailer in Nemesis Prime's colors. Left side view.

Front view.

Right side view.

Back view.

Left side view. First, I spray-painted the ENTIRE trailer silver.

Right side view. Right after spraying, I accidentally dropped it in the grass (facepalm), which I quickly decided gave the side a "battle-damaged" look. So no worries. haha

Left side view. Here's the finished piece. After painting the silver I painted the yellow near the front, the blue stripe on the side, and the white trim along the edges of the blue. The white stripe inside the blue and the Autobot symbol are a decal from Driving to work every day, I noticed that all the semi's had red and white striping along the base of the trailers, so I decided to add some to Optimus. The red and white glow striping along the bottom is made from cut strips of glow tape (found at your local hardware store).

Front view.

Right side view. Here you can see the striping glow a bit. Also, the blast marks above the blue/white side stripe were carved in with an exacto and painted with a drybrushing of black and silver. The entire trailer was given a wash of brown acrylic to bring out all the detailing and make it look worn and dirty. 

Back view. Here, I added the red and white striping along the bottom as well as the white, L-shaped corners at the top. The tail lights were cut from thin styrene with a hole puncher and painted. The license plate is another decal from

Back view with the door open (unpainted).

The trailer fully opens up to become some sort of technical base of operations (or something like that). Complete with weapon storage, computer, helipad, loading ramps, and crane.

Looking down at the base.

The two weapons included with the trailer, in their storage area.

Back view with the door open.

I decided I didn't care for the multi-colored flooring so everything was given a base-coat of black and then dry-brushed with silver. After that, I went back in and dry-brushed another thin layer of brown sparatically to simulate rusting. All icons and colored lines/dots are decals from

Top view. Here, you can see all the detailing on the floor of the base. The helipad is on the far left with the X and four yellow dots.

The screen behind the crane looks MUCH better thanks to the decal.

The weapon storage is now labeled with which gun goes in which side.

Gun 1, unpainted.

Gun 1, painted.

Gun 2, unpainted.

Gun 2, painted.

Now, neither of these guns were sculpted with a hole in the barrel.

Again, no hole in the barrel.

Well, I fixed that. Took the dremel to the tips, then painted the center black.

Now, the wheels of the trailer are actually a detachable transport vehicle. I believe it has a name, but I can't think of what it is at the moment.

Left side view, unpainted.

Front view, unpainted.

Right side view, unpainted.

Back view, unpainted.

Left side view. For this one, I repainted all the dark teel to a true blue. I also painted in the silver hub caps, and gave the whole thing a wash of brown.

Front view. I added an Autobot symbol to the front ( another decal from I also changed the search lights on the vehicle's left side to yellow, instead of the metallic green.

Right side view.

Back view, The tail lights, as I described earlier, where cut from thin styrene with a hole puncher and then painted. The license plate is a decal from

I also painted in the console which was previously unpainted. I left the teel on the console and floor to differentiate it from the rest of the vehicle.

Here's the completed Classics Optimus Prime with trailer. Left side view.


Right side view.