Comic-styled Donatello

Finally finished the turtles! To start off with, let's take a look at my favorite turtle, Donatello! This comic-styled figure is made from the new Nick Turtles Donatello figure, but with a few alterations...

Here's a comparison shot of the original figure on the left and my custom on the right. I added all the black outlining to give the figure that sketchy, drawn look that they had in the original comics. I also painted the bandana red because in the original comics, all four turtles had red bandanas.

Back view. Same as what I talked about in the front view, with the exception of the back of the knee pads, which I added. Those were sculpted on with Aves Fixit Sculpt and then painted to match. It doesn't hinder the knee movement at all, so I'm not sure why Playmates Toys didn't sculpt the full knee pads in the first place.

Now, this figure came with the traditional Donatello weapon of a bo staff. However, for some reason, they made it extremely short. Luckily, the 2003 Donatello figure came with two of them, so I just borrowed the extra bo staff for this new figure. The 2003 weapon is on top and the new weapon is on the bottom.

Front view.

Right side view.

Back view. The 2003 weapon fits perfectly into his hands as well as his belt.

Left side view.

Now, the new figures are based off the Nickelodeon TV show and thus have three toes instead of the two toes the older fans are used to. So I went in and cut the middle toe completely off. haha Now he's back to two.

The bottoms of the feet were previously unpainted. This also shows another view of the now two-toed feet.

Posed for battle.