Finding Nemo Crush and Squirt ornament

It's Crush and Squirt from Pixar's Finding Nemo! Got this ornament at Christmas this year. The sculpting is fantastic, however the painting was quite poor. So the ornament got a complete overhaul.

Here's the character from the movie. Crush (the big guy) is clearly a greenish color with green eyes and a yellow belly. Little Squirt looks a bit pale here, but in different light he looks vividly green.

As you can see, the Crush ornament is quite bland in comparison. For some reason, they painted him completely white, except for a few brown areas, and gave him blue eyes. Squirt on the other hand, is painted very well and very accurately.

Well, I fixed Crush. Painted over all white areas with a very light green on the top (left the bottom white). Then, I matched the brown and painted in the bottom edges of the shell as well as fading the flippers into the body. I also added all the freckles on his face with a toothpick. His back shell was given a drybrushing of orange to bring out the raised areas and give it some contrast. Oh, and his eyes were painted green with white dot reflections.

Here's a back shot of the original ornament.

And my repaint. The shell looks SO much better now, in my opinion. I also gave his flippers a wash of white to outline his scales... which is how Crush looked in the movie.

Another back view.

What a difference...

Top side of the original.

And the repaint.

And here's his underbelly. They did give him a wash of grey to outline him a bit, but the coloring is incorrect.

The corrected underbelly. Started with a base coat of cream, then drybrushed some tan and black along the edges. His fins were given a wash of grey on the underside to outline the white scales. One other tiny detail that's barley visible here, is that I added a bunch of white freckles/scales to the bottom of his neck (which you can kind of see in a few scenes of the movie).

Now, the one thing I did change on the smaller Squirt was fixing the black paint smear the company left on his face between his eyes (the black from his eyes must have dripped).

That was a very simple fix though. Also added the white reflection dots in his eyes.

So there's my repainted Crush and Squirt ornament. Now to put it on the tree before the season's over.