Comic-Styled Michelangelo

Custom comic-styled Michelangelo figure! I took the new Nickelodeon TMNT figure and made it into a more comic-inspired turtle. Michelangelo now has a red bandana, which all turtles had in the original 1984 comic. I also gave the entire figure black outlining to really push the comic book look. The new TMNT turtles also have three toes instead of the traditional two... so I got out the exacto knife and took the middle toe off. hahaha  Oh, and I replaced the sculpted chains on his nunchucks with real chains and painted in all the silver and black outlines.

Here's a comparison of the original figure (left) and my custom (right).

Back view comparison. Not only did this figure get a full repaint, but I also sculpted and painted the backs of his knee pads, which were previously missing. It doesn't hinder the knee movement at all, so I'm not sure why Playmates Toys left it out to begin with.

Front view.

Right side view.

Back view. His nunchucks now fit nicely into his belt without stress marks appearing on the sculpted chains. I've heard so many complaints about those breaking.

Left side view.

Nunchuck close up.