Modded Lego A-wing

Since I am extremely picky about my models, I went to work making the Lego A-wing more movie accurate.

Here's some reference pics from the Cross-sections book.

Hard to see any differences from the original model here, but I did completely change the side guns. Lego had those silly flick-fire missiles on there.

Front view.

Left side view.

Back view.

Right side view.

Top view.

Bottom view. Here's where all the major changes are. I redesigned the entire underside to give the ship the correct red line. Technically, there's supposed to be a grated vent where the red line widens, but that doesn't work on such a small model.

Another angle. I also added all the inverted white slopes. I believe they were originally grey.

The front red inverted slopes were previously dark grey. I don't know why Lego did that, but I replaced them with red ones. 

Another view of the bottom.

Action scene! And yes, that is a modded Star Destroyer in the background.