Generations FOC Shockwave

It's Decepticon Shockwave! This is a custom repaint of Generations FOC Shockwave. Originally, the figure was quite plain with limited painted detail. So using reference photos from the Fall of Cybertron game, I updated the figure.

Robot Mode
All pink "lights" were painted in (with the exception of the eye and chest screen) and the full figure was given a grimy, used look. Also, the lower arms were cast in solid black plastic, so the violet striping had to be added.

Same detailing as mentioned above. The back originally had no paint apps at all, so the pink lights had to be added in.

To push the detail a bit further, I also added some copper wiring at the neck and copper rings on the finger joints. It's a bit difficult to see, but I also fixed the inside of the thighs with had a big gap. That was filled in with Aves Fixit Sculpt and sculpted to look like wiring and bolts.

Here's the weapon. To get the grimy look on the metal, I painted it solid black, and then dry-brushed silver on top. The violet and copper details were added afterward.

Ready for battle.

Here is an animated turn-around of the figure.

Vehicle Mode
Front view. Not much to see here. Although, the front pink screen was given a wash of dark violet to bring out all the sculpted panel line details.

Right side view. Same detailing as mentioned above. Dry-brushed grime and painted pink highlights.

The back originally had no paint apps at all. Which is strange since that's where the thrusters are. So that was also given the pink highlights. Much improved.

Left side view.

Top view. The weapon actually inserts into the top of the vehicle mode. Pretty nifty.

Bottom view.