Modded Lego Millennium Falcon

I've said it before, but I'm a BIG stickler for accuracy. So here's a look at my modded Lego Millennium Falcon. This is the second Falcon set Lego released, number 4504.

A TON of detail was added to the top. Almost all red "rust" pieces were added by myself in screen accurate locations. I also added printed tiles where the ship had damage, two at the back (one on each side) and a larger area between the front center piece and the cockpit.

The sides of the forward mandibles was originally hollow. So I added hinged pieces to the sides to fill that in and add a lot of mechanical detail. This is similar to how the newer 7965 Lego set does it.

I also borrowed the arm connection for the radar dish from the newer Falcon set.

I added these 1x4 tile pieces to each side of the ship to help hold the pieces together since the original ship had nothing there.

Here's a close up of the back with lots of added detail around the vents and various "rust" red pieces added in.

I also added a second turret to the bottom center of the ship (like in the movie) because the original set did not have anything there.

And now for the interior. This is the main room in the ship. The wall behind the chair was previously an escape pod that could launch out of the side. I secured that in place and built up the wall above it. So now it's part of the computer system.

Walls were added between the rooms/hallways just to separate things a bit. I used sloped pieces at the ends to simulate the angled entranceways that the ship has in the movies. Also, a small detail, but the tan hook on the wall to the right is where Obi-Wan stores the training helmet.

Here's the other side with the gaming table. I added an extra chair to the side so that the seating would curve around the table like in the movie. You can also see the added curved wall behind the seating.

And the back of the ship. Not much was changed here, although I did add a trap door in the floor on the left side. You know, for smuggling cargo... or people.

The trap door is hinged at one end and has two spouts/handles at the other. I had to raise the floor a bit here so that the figures could fit inside, but it works!

And I recreated an action scene from the movie for your viewing pleasure.